Dejavoo Z8

Dejavoo Z8 is a compact and secure credit card terminal that enables merchants to process payments. It is a versatile and reliable device that can accept various payment methods, including EMV chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, and contactless payments such as NFC and Apple Pay.

The Dejavoo Z8 works by connecting to a merchant account and processing transactions through an internet connection or dial-up connection. It features a compact design with a color touch screen display that allows merchants to easily navigate through features and functions. Additionally, it comes equipped with multiple communication ports for added flexibility and connectivity.

The Dejavoo Z8 also comes with various security features such as end-to-end encryption, PCI compliance, and tamper-resistant hardware for added protection against data breaches and fraud. These features make it an ideal solution for merchants looking to process card payments in a secure and reliable manner.

The main features of the Dejavoo Z8 include the following:

1. Dual communication options – internet or dial-up
2. Multiple payment acceptance options – EMV, magstripe, contactless payments
3. Touch screen display with signature capture
4. End-to-end encryption and PCI compliance
5. Tamper-resistant hardware
6. Compact and easy to use design
7. Connectivity options – Ethernet, USB, RS232

The Dejavoo Z8 has several pros and cons as follows:


1. Versatile payment acceptance options
2. End-to-end encryption and tamper-resistant hardware for added security
3. Compact design with touch screen display and signature capture
4. Multiple connectivity options
5. PCI compliance for added protection


1. Limited battery life
2. Only supports basic reporting features
3. Only accepts one merchant account at a time
4. Limited customer support options

Overall, the Dejavoo Z8 is a reliable and secure payment processing solution for merchants looking for an easy-to-use credit card terminal with versatile payment acceptance options. Despite its limitations, it offers various security features that make it a worthy investment for any merchant.

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