NMI (Network Merchants, Inc.) is a payment gateway service that allows businesses to accept credit card and electronic check payments online and in-store. NMI provides businesses with a secure and reliable way to process payments, manage fraud and automate recurring payments.

NMI can be used for both online and retail transactions, it allows businesses to accept payments through a variety of channels including e-commerce, point-of-sale, mobile and call center.

Some of the main features of NMI include:

  1. Payment Processing: NMI allows businesses to accept payments online and in-store through credit cards, eChecks and other forms of online payments.
  2. Fraud Detection: NMI provides advanced fraud detection tools that help businesses identify and prevent fraud by using data from various sources, including machine learning and global fraud databases.
  3. Recurring Billing: NMI allows businesses to set up recurring payments for subscription-based services.
  4. Virtual Terminal: NMI provides a virtual terminal that allows businesses to process payments over the phone or through mail order.
  5. Mobile Payment: NMI allows businesses to accept payments through mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  6. Customer Information Management: NMI allows businesses to store customer information, such as billing and shipping addresses, to make it easier to process future transactions.
  7. Reporting and Analytics: NMI provides detailed reporting and analytics that allow businesses to track and analyze transaction data.
  8. Secure Payment: NMI ensures secure transaction processing with the use of industry-standard encryption and secure tokenization to protect sensitive information.
  9. Integration: NMI offers integration options with various e-commerce platforms, shopping carts, and custom web applications.
  10. Support: NMI offers 24/7 customer support, including phone and email support to help businesses with any issues or questions they may have.

Overall, NMI is a payment gateway and fraud management service that offers a wide range of features to help businesses accept online and in-store payments, and manage the risk of fraud. It is used by many businesses of all sizes, from small online retailers to large enterprises.