Amex SafeKey

Amex SafeKey, also known as American Express SafeKey, is a security feature and authentication protocol developed by American Express to enhance the security of online transactions. It is a form of 3-D Secure technology, similar to Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode.

Here’s how Amex SafeKey works:

  1. Card enrollment: To use Amex SafeKey, cardholders need to enroll their American Express cards in the program. This typically involves providing additional authentication information and setting up a password or PIN.
  2. Transaction initiation: When a cardholder makes an online purchase with a participating merchant, the merchant’s payment system checks if the transaction is eligible for Amex SafeKey authentication. Factors like transaction amount, merchant category, and risk assessment may determine if authentication is required.
  3. Authentication request: If the transaction meets the criteria, the merchant’s payment system sends an authentication request to American Express. This request includes transaction details and a unique identifier.
  4. Authentication process: American Express initiates the authentication process by redirecting the cardholder to the Amex SafeKey authentication page. The cardholder is prompted to enter their Amex SafeKey password or complete an additional verification step, such as entering a one-time passcode sent to their registered mobile device.
  5. Authorization response: Once the cardholder successfully completes the authentication, American Express sends an authorization response back to the merchant. The response confirms the cardholder’s identity and indicates whether the transaction is authorized or declined.

The Amex SafeKey authentication process adds an extra layer of security to online transactions, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity and providing cardholders with increased confidence in the safety of their transactions. By verifying the identity of the cardholder, it helps protect against unauthorized card use and prevents fraudulent transactions from occurring.

Amex SafeKey is designed to work seamlessly in the background, with minimal disruption to the online shopping experience. It enhances the security of American Express card transactions and helps mitigate the risk of card-not-present fraud.

It’s important to note that the availability and specific implementation of Amex SafeKey may vary depending on the region and the specific online merchant.

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